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New55 Holdings, LLC, (or “New55 FILM”), located in Massachusetts, USA, develops products in the fields of imaging and nano-enabled materials. The Company is applying its expertise in nanotechnology to promising innovations first hinted at by Kodak, Polaroid, and others, with a goal to bring valuable new technologies market. New55 FILM is rapidly discovering new methods, materials and know-how in the fields of photochemistry and physics that are cleaner, less polluting, and have wide application to the manufacture of many other products for a greener world.

The Company’s first photographic product, “New55 PN”, is an ecologically sensitive large-format instant film that parallels a Polaroid product (Type 55) that was still profitable when that company ceased operations in 2008. Type 55 had a unique quality and gave a result unlike any other analog or digital image; however, its manufacture required expensive processes that employed VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). New55 PN addresses that technical and environmental challenge with a redesigned, all-aqueous process that eliminates toxic solvents.

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New55 PN negative development set
New55 PN negative development set
New55 PN starter kit for developing negatives New55 PN is a black and white 4x5 instant positive-negative sheet film that produces an instant negative and a positive print; it works with the famous 545 series of holders (545, 545i and...
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