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Heliopan polfilter cirkular diameter: 40.5mm (E40.5)

Heliopan polfilter cirkular diameter: 40.5mm (E40.5)

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Product information Heliopan polfilter cirkular diameter: 40.5mm (E40.5)

Product type (b&w/color): universal

Heliopan polarization filter Polarization filters work to mask the effects of reflected (polarized) light that hides and diminishes the motif colors. Polarization filters are very versatile. They are best known for their ability to eliminate reflections on non-metallic objects, but can also have the effect of intensifying colors, e.g. making the sky appear more blue. When polarizing filters are used, water and glass surfaces appear transparent and the image shows what is beyond the reflective surface. For landscape photographs the polarizing filter can create richer green tones because reflections of blue light from the sky are suppressed. With polarizing filters there is a difference between linear and circular versions. A circular polarizing filter is needed for all camera systems with interior light measurement in which the light is guided via mirrors and beam splitters, and thus polarized. Only this filter type is recommended for digital cameras. A disadvantage of a conventional polarizing filter is the loss of 1 to 1.5 aperture stops, depending on settings. Heliopan compensates this with their High Transmission technology. This innovative technology means that the lighting loss is at most half an aperture.

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