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Heliopan infrared filter RG 665 diameter: 95mm (ES95)

Heliopan infrared filter RG 665 diameter: 95mm (ES95)

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Product information Heliopan infrared filter RG 665 diameter: 95mm (ES95)

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Lens filters by Heliopan are well-known for their material quality and workmanship. High-quality hardened Schottglas, framed by a brass ring, and everything "made in Germany" are the characteristics of a Heliopan filter. The hardening is so durable that it manages to withstand many types of cleaning. The soft metal of the brass filter frame is "self-forging" and thus has the advantage that it doesn't jam when being screwed on or off, as can sometimes be the case with certain aluminum threads. Anyone who wants to look at the world in a new light, along the lines of "I see things that other people don't", will enjoy infrared photography. Images on film with an extended infrared range and using a suitable lens filter, let us see the world from a new perspective and make the invisible visible. The shape and appearance of the motif is reproduced as usual, but the way that the otherwise invisible infrared light reflects is very unusual. Plants, which are usually a vibrant green, suddenly glow pure white. The otherwise blue sky is almost black, with white clouds. The infrared filter opens a window into this otherwise hidden world, and translates it for the human eye. The otherwise invisible and colorless infrared rays are transformed into black and white or false colors. Summer landscape images, with their bright plants and dark skies, appear both eerie and friendly at the same time, as summer and sunshine are still visible in the images. This excitement and element of surprise is what makes the look of infrared photography so special. We stock the following Heliopan filters: RG 645, RG 695 (89B), RG 715 (88A), RG 780 (87), RG 830 (87C), RG 850, RG 1000.

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